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Desert Eagle
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Ransom x Sweepstakes

Bred by Schminke Genetics

I would like to introduce Desert Eagle, the newest breeding piece for Prairie Winds. This Ransom (Joint Custody) x Sweepstakes son has me really excited to see what is in store for the 2018 lambs. At only a month old, he was a stand out in my eyes the second I saw him. Desert Eagle is explosive in his hind end, up-fronted, long bodied, and pulled apart in his chest floor which makes viewing him very appealing both on the profile and from behind. I can't thank Al and Kandy enough for offering this guy.


Throwdown x Open bar x Recruit

Bred by Steva Robinson Show Stock

This throwdown son is moderately made and has a huge hip and loin in him I feel he will work great on the ewes I have in production

Reference Sires

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Circus x Money Maker

Purchased from Scott & Angie Spangler - Eagle Grove, IA

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Walking Tall x Two-Eyed Jack

Leased from Scott & Angie Spangler - Eagle Grove, IA